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W2S Academy (bag of tricks) was established in the year 2010 with a view of empowering the students with strong academic knowledge. The prime aim of the academy is to provide technical skill to the students instead book worming. Here in W2S Academy we do not stop with the amount of information that is imparted to each child, but take it further to focus on man-making, life-building, and character formation. In other words, the ultimate end of our "Labour" is "Virtue". To contribute to the advancement of knowledge, the social cohesion and the quality of life not only in Tamil Nadu but also all over the world.

W2S academy has its unique way of teaching the students which will cherish the student’s

brain with technically strong concepts. Every student is provided with hand written notes which is very useful for them to understand the concepts beyond the bookish knowledge. Apart from academic curriculum students are showered with co-curricular activities like training for government exams, communication enhancement techniques, social awareness camp etc.,

W2S Academy laid its first stepping stone Branch 1 – Benzene Ring in Sivanandhapuram with only 10 students. By constant effort by the teaching faculties and breath taking results produced by them attracted many students and parents. Within a couple of years W2S Academy nailed its Branch 2 – Electron Cloud in Vishwasapuram. The effective coaching and friendliness with the students made this a grand success and implemented latest educational materials to travel with technology. In later years W2S Academy launched its very first students monitoring android application which made very parents to reach the faculties in hand.

In 2017 W2S Academy unfurled its Branch 3 – Ozone in Gandhi Maanagar with new features like Bio-Metric Attendance system, CCTV surveillance which gives complete security for the girls than anywhere else in Coimbatore.

  • Mr.Sathish Barathi - Sree Dharmasastha MHSS

    " It was my luck to be a student of W2S Academy. They have cared me throughout my academic. Apart from curriculum they taught me to crack entrance exams. Friendly staff ever seen. Now I am pursuing my B.E- Civil Engineering in a well reputed college. I'm very thankful to this academy."

  • Mr.Aswanth- Barathiya Vidhya Bhavan

    " No other academy can be compared with our W2S Academy. Besides curriculum they guided me in various life building activities like vocabulary usage, personality development etc. They have got a well-qualified engineering staff where other institutions don't have. Currently I am doing my B.E- Mechanical Engineering in a well reputed deemed university. "

  • Mr.Kishore - Barathiya Vidhya Bahavan

    " To be frank I was a below average student. None of my family, friends, school staff thought me that I will score such an outstanding mark. Yes, due to continuous effort given by W2S Academy I have scored 89 out of 100 in science (Matric syllabus). Even a student who scores single digit in all exams can score such an outstanding mark. My hearty thanks to my Prem sir for his infinite effort. "

  • Mr.Gokul Krishnan - Sri Gopal Naidu

    " A school which asked my parents to receive TC because of my poor academic performance. I never thought I can perform well but I did in my board exam really well. Guys really they are extraordinary. "

  • Mr.Sri Hari Ram - Vidhya Vikas

    " I'm totally mesmerized by the teaching of Prem sir. I have never seen a friendly staff like him. He made me to achieve my goal with lot of struggles. I felt frustrated with morning class at the beginning but later on i got used to it. Guys really i'm saying once you join W2S Academy, you will never bunk class for sure. "

  • Mr.B.Saravana Kumar – Sree Dharmasastha

    "Hello friends, I should really thank my anna for making me to achieve by goal. The mark I scored is only because of W2S, currently I’m perusing by B.E Mech in PSG my dream college. I never forget him and always wish to serve W2S."

  • Mr.Gowtham – Sree Dharmasastha

    "Understanding my family financial situation he made my education completely free without any query. I wish that I should be always your student. Now I’m doing my Bachelor of Occupational Therapy in KMCH. If you want to strong in concepts be his student and for sure you will admire."

  • Mr.Ezhil – Vidhya Vikas

    "Doing medicine is not an easy job but he made me to achieve that with power packed coaching. He will give you 300 mark tests and make you to write for 5 hours at a single stretch but the success you reap after exam is infinity. Never seen a teacher with endless support even if you lose your confident. All the best bro. "

  • Mr.Barath Kumar – Sree Dharmasastha

    "He found my hidden talent and I’m working on it now. Even if I was lagging in few subjects he gave confidence to get the mark that I have never dreamt. Happy to be a student of W2S. "

  • Mrs.Sylvia – Vidhya Niketan

    "I have just joined for one subject but after seeing his teaching joined rest of the two subjects. I’m proud to be a topper of W2S and I wish all my juniors a grand success. "

  • Mrs.Smyrna – Stanes Anglo Indian

    "None of the tuitions in Coimbatore will provide you such awesome coaching. The basic concepts of Organic Chemistry class is chanceless. Right place to get your education."

  • Mr.Mahilan – CMS MHSS

    "I wish that he could have been my teacher in school. It was really a wonderful time in W2S Academy. It taught me both curriculum and life. I have gone to many tuitions in my childhood but I would say that this is the best place for students. "

  • Mr.Thiyagu – Sree Dharmasastha MHSS

    "The place where I learned the concepts of the subject than mugging up for exam. I missed few classes due to negligence, but I will never forget the concepts in my life. Thanks for PG Anna for his endless support. "

  • Mr.Pranesh – PSG Sarvajana HSS

    "The person who understands the family situation very well when many of the tuitions in Coimbatore are only money motive, he gave me a free seat without raising any question. At the same time he supported me in all the way through the academics. I would be very thankful to PG Anna throughout my life. "

  • Mr.Vigneshwaran – Vidhya Vikas MHSS

    "I’m very weak in academics but he motivated me a lot and made me to choose a better course. He know that im a slow learner but still he sat beside me and taught me clearly. I will say to other students that pls don’t miss this academy. Thanks PG Anna. "

  • Mr.Adline – PSGR Krishnamal HSS

    "He is like my own brother, the way he teach maths was awesome. He gives many test initially one may feel uncomfortable but it is worth taking a risk. Thanks for caring me and took many initial steps to improve my academics. "

  • Mrs.Gayathri – GRD MHSS

    "I came in the middle so missed few of his classes but after completing portion he gave individual attention to me and taught all portions where this will never happen in other tuitions. I feel that I have spent a good time in W2S Academy. Thanks for PG Anna. "

  • Mrs.Subabakkiyam – Ruby MHSS

    "All my friends have said the things what I was thought to say. To be frank this is the best place for the students to excel in academics. We should bare the harsh punishments to shine in life. Thanks for your support. "

  • Mrs.Praveena – Vidhya Niketan MHSS

    "Each and every time I write test, I found the syllabus very easy and more over with his notes in Physics and Chemistry I was really easy material than school teaching. He never taught the lesson in hurry to complete the portion, he feels the mentality of the students. The best teacher ever we ever seen. Thanks bro. "

  • Mrs.Vinitha – PSGR Krishnammal HSS

    "The mark which made my family members happy was only because of this academy. I’m very thankful to you anna. Thank you for providing moral support and financial support. He is the real teacher. "

  • Mr. Venkata Krishnan – KV MHSS

    "He is the real teacher. Every one questioned me how one person can handle all three subjects but it is possible for a real teacher to handle any subject if he has real knowledge. We will always be there for W2S Academy. He came out of many odds in life that is why he is helping without any return from students. "

  • Mrs.Shruthi – MVM SSS

    "I’m from CBSE curriculum I know the toughness of the syllabus but he handled with ease and that made me to score 10 on 10. The science class was awesome and he is best for concept based teaching. Thanks PG Anna. "

  • Mr.Baranitharan – Sree Dharmasastha MHSS

    "The motivational speech by him is really awesome every time during parents meeting he gives all up-to-date information about colleges to the parents. It was really informative and it took me to the next level even though I was average in academics. Thanks for his support. "

  • Mrs.Nardhini – MVM SSS

    "I found really bit difficult to mingle with academy but later due to his friendly character and motivational speech I felt in home. Thanks for your morning class and great effort for making me to get centum in maths and science. "

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